Wheat flour and Pasta from Premium Ukrainian grain
Over 20 years of Excellence
for You
Many years of in-depth research of international markets and vast investments into top class technology, have allowed us to manufacture wheat flour that is perfect for any international market.
Perfect Flour for Your Local Bread
Delicious Pasta
Durum wheat
Soft wheat
High Fiber
Perfect Taste & Texture
Durum semolina flour is perfect for hard pastas, as it allows the pasta to keep its shape after cooking and gives the cooked pasta the "al dente" property
Perfect for pizzas, hearth-style and flat breads.
Durum Semolina Flour
Durum Flour
Try one & you can`t stop
Why TM "Amina"?
TM "Amina" was created with the international consumer in mind. Having spent over 6 years studying global markets and analysing wheat flour, bread and pasta specifications we have managed to align our production to be able to deliver the product that is ripe for any market.
Additional calculations for custom packaged products available on demand
  • 20FCL
    Wheat flour — 23 tonnes
    Pasta products — 24 tonnes
    Biscuits — 6-9 tonnes
  • 40FCL HQ
    Wheat flour — 25 tonnes
    Pasta products — 24 tonnes
    Biscuits — 11-18 tonnes
  • Truck
    Wheat flour — 23 tonnes
    Pasta products — 24 tonnes
    Biscuits - 10-14 tonnes
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