Why us


Looking to buy Wheat Flour Amina, Pasta or Biscuits from Ukraine?

High quality of produce like wheat flour Amina and quality certificates are expected of manufacturers in the international trade world. So What is it that makes us stand out?



We are a medium sized production company, which allows us the flexibility needed to help solve your problems faster.

We can innovate and create new types of products in the necessary volumes to fit within your requirements.

Need just one sample container sent to you in 2 days? Would be happy to!



We focus on producing specific types of product. Even though our product range is shorter than some companies, we have become experts in each one.

We produce 7 wheat flour types, 14 short-cut pasta types and 24 types of biscuits.



We are here for our clients 24/7. We like to get to know your business and do everything possible to see your business succeed.

Partnering with us, you are making a powerful and loyal ally in the global food industry.